Resistance To Change In Criminal Justice

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Change is inevitable and has to occur in all aspects of life to produce and create new ideas, places and things. Without changes are world we live in would not be what it is today. As a society we all want change but there is a resistance to it in every aspect in life including our criminal justice system. According to Wicks (2009) desire to change in itself, does not create change, because of the simple fact that society feels the demands and hassle doesn’t outweigh the benefits of the transformation. (Wicks, 2009). Already in our criminal justice system there have been changes occurring, an increased number of low or line- level officers have earned college degrees, but with this alone I still believe that resistance to change within the criminal justice field will still be an issue. Sykes quotes "Due to the quasi-military structure and the inherent bureaucracy, law enforcement agencies often fall behind” (Sykes, 1992).…show more content…
Change can mean, altering simple functions, routines, costs, and this can create obstacles and hurdles that cause further resistance to change. (Stojkovic, S., & Kalinich, D., 2014). There will be problems and individuals who might be more resistant to change than others. For example in police departments there may be officers who have worked a certain way for so many years and are considered more experienced and have seniority, if these officers are not willing to be on board with the changes that are to be implemented the process will not be able to

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