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Based on audience and purpose, my writing style changes, adapting to both. Deborah Tannen had written articles backed up by research on how gender influences your writing style. If gender can influence your writing what else influences it? In listening I am analytical, allowing my responses to both verbal and written prompts to follow the appropriate pattern in responding. Analytical listening lends to counter arguments, which linger across both my writing and conversations. For example, when reading a writing prompt I will be able to decipher the correct mode of writing, as well as the intended audience, often in prompts where others may struggle. In conversation analytical listening allows me to pick out sarcasm among my friends, or easily tell when a question is rhetorical. This is part of my heritage as the same stylistic elements pop up in conversations with my family, and…show more content…
Topics in my writing are rarely social and are often more material if given the choice. In her article, "You just don't understand," Deborah Tannen points to males preferring independence to intimacy; this manifests in any fictional writing required of me as few characters are unnecessary or even in the background. This typically leads to a lonely setting or mood, even when the character might be in a social situation. For instance, as part of my sophomore English class in high school the teacher would provide a setting and a certain aspect of tone to incorporate in a fictional writing. In one of these tasks the required setting was a party; however, the main character still felt isolated in my version of the story and attempted to fade into the background rather than become the life of the party. This falls in line with Tannen's findings as my topics are rarely intimate and even more rarely do they discuss social life or fall in line with a dramatic genre. According to Tannen females as a whole would be more likely to associate with the

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