Research Paper On Geek Culture

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Hello fellow lovers of Geek Culture ! I'm Belinda a new contributor here at Geeks and Geeklets. A little about myself: I'm a mom of a clan of awesome kids of whom all but one is gone from my smothering motherly affections. I'm a part-time writer and avid reader of mostly horror and anything paranormal. This goes for television and movies as well. . Although I do think anything historical is interesting I also enjoy Science Fiction as well. I'm a huge Firefly and Serenity fan ! I have an AA degree in Sociology and working towards a Bachelor's in History Finally, I am a girl gamer. I started my gaming life in Ultima Online where I met my wonderful husband. Since then I've played everything from Everquest (1,2 and Landmark) to Conan, Smite, Rift

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