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The culex pipiens, also known as the common northern house mosquito. The culex pipiens belongs to the Animalia kingdom, specifically part of the Culicidae family. Categorically culex pipiens belong to the Culex genus, in the C. Pipiens species.The culex pipiens are small, only about 0.31 inches in length, and very active with brown bodies. They have thin legs with slender wings that are transparent, and usually only have a wingspan of 0.39 inches. The female culex pipiens differs from the males for the reason that they have long proboscis, which allow them to feed off humans and other mammals. Once the eggs have been laid the culex pipiens take usually two weeks to mature and become larvae in water, then after a few stages they will become…show more content…
Culex pipiens start as eggs, and then grow to larva, after maturing as a larva the culex pipiens becomes a pupal, which then brings them to the adult mosquito stage. When a mosquito first becomes an adult it will rest on the top of the water until it gets strong enough to fly away to feed. Though mosquitos are born in stagnant waters, they tend to rest in tall grass or brush in the forest where they will be undisturbed. The main difference between the sexes of the culex pipiens is there feeding habits. The females are the ones that feed mainly on blood, along with feeding on nectar plants where the males feed also to get necessary sugars needed to live. The main reason females need this extra nourishment is because they need to be able to lay eggs, with only getting sugar from nectar they would not have the necessary energy to reproduce. After mosquitos mate the female will search for a blood source to eat to be able to lay eggs, though after laying eggs once she can than again have another blood meal and be able to lay another batch of eggs. Mosquitos lays hundreds of eggs at one time, making them very difficult to try and contain as a population considering their immense numbers in the temperate forest

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