Horse Vs Kandinsky

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Lyrical by Wassily Kandinsky (1911) and Chinese Horse (c. 15,000-13,000 B.C.E.) were painted in very different times and cultures; but they have many similarities. The two paintings include similar subject matter, although the context and composition of the works are very different. In Lyrical, the focal point includes an abstracted view of a horse and rider. Cool colors make up the foreground; and the horse and rider make up the middle ground. The red and green spots make up the background. There are possible arrows in this painting, hitting the underside of the horse. In this work, line is a very important element. The thick, diagonal and curved lines create movement in the work. As Kandinsky wanted his work to become more and more abstracted, line became an even more crucial part of his works. Color is also an important element in this artwork. Kandinsky believed…show more content…
Since this was painted on the forefront of World War II, this may have been a way for Kandinsky to express the beauty of the world before it became chaotic. He also formed a group called the Blue Rider Group with other artists who wanted to make their works more abstract. We know that Kandinsky painted Lyrical in order to communicate emotions he felt when he heard music or read poetry. He was also one of the first artists to eliminate recognizable objects from his paintings. The culture of Chinese Horse, however, is mostly unknown, but it is known that these people lived in a survivalist environment. They may have painted this as part of a spiritual ritual, since it was a secluded part of the Lascaux caves. On the contrary, Chinese Horse had a very different function. It may have been used as a type of hunting “magic”; or possibly to help increase fertility in the wild. The people of this time relied heavily on the land and animals, which is a likely explanation as to why they painted

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