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Bravery, fearlessness, and determination are the words I would use to describe this film. “Freedom Riders” is truly an inspirational story from beginning to end. Despite two earlier Supreme Court decisions that ordered the desegregation of interstate travel facilities, black Americans in 1961 continued to endure hostility and racism while traveling through the South. In addition, it seemed that newly inaugurated President Kennedy did little to address the issue. The Congress of Racial Equality, CORE, wanted to challenge the segregation of interstate travel by sponsoring and organizing what came to be known as “Freedom Rides.” In addition, they were also testing the federal government to see if their constitutional rights would be protected.…show more content…
It didn’t matter if you were black white, male, female, young, old, from the North or the South. If you believed in equality, you could be a Freedom Rider. These riders were to sit integrated on buses, use facilities regardless of the sign, and eat at the same table in restaurants. Overall, they were to deliberately violate the Jim Crow laws. More than 400 black and white Americans risked their lives by traveling together on buses and trains as they made their way through the Deep South. The Freedom Riders were constantly met with conflict, racism, and violence. Klansmen in Alabama set fire to the original Freedom Ride bus. Mississippi officials locked up more than 300 Riders in the Parchman State Penitentiary. Many endured savage beatings and imprisonment. However, none of the obstacles placed on their path weakened their commitment to the cause. After nearly five months of Freedom Rides, the Interstate Commerce Commission issued its order to end the segregation in bus and train stations. The bravery, fearlessness, and determination of hundreds of Americans had finally paid

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