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René Descartes was a French mathematician and philosopher who has been praised for centuries due to his contributions to science, philosophy, physics, and other unified fields of math and logic. He was born in 1596 in France to an upper class family of doctors and lawyers. A short time after his birth his mother had died and he had been sent to his grandparents house to be raised, still living in France in his early teens he moved into a boarding school to further his education and general liberal art skills. The education he received was focused on Math, philosophical logic, and writing. This early appreciation and understanding of fundamental concepts allowed René to become who he is known as today. René received a liberal arts degree…show more content…
Which led to his envisionment of a unified science that would coexist with the research already proven, while introducing solutions to century old problems. In 1628 he began working on "The World," which attempted to explain how physics interacts with the established laws set in place by researchers before him. Decartes' model was based on the heliocentric belief of the solar system. 4 years later, before the publication of "The World" Galileo made a bold statement that the solar system revolved around the sun. After René saw the condemnation and judgement for Galileo's true assertions, he canceled the publication of his thesis. This was a huge upset for…show more content…
Without the laws of physics, no other sect of science could exist. The laws of physics are governing the way cells repair our skin and the way our brain perceives sight, and this is something that was a tremendous realization for the whole world. All of human sciences are an application of physics and math. From 1634 to 1637 René worked on fundamental geometric concepts that he published as essays as a Preface to his other works. After this time in 1641, René published his most noted achievement "Meditations on First Philosophy." Which in turn gave him the future title of "Father of Modern Philosophy." Using the momentum from this release he pursued more theories that were published in his next work 'Principles of Philosophy." The Cartesian Plane is the xy graph we use for almost every math course. The way we write formulas, the way we explain the behavior of a function, the way math books explain what a parabolic curve is, can all be accredited to René. He pioneered fields of math with a system that is truly incredible when you think of the way numbers react with one another. This alone could have skyrocketed him into

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