Feudal Japan Essay

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Despite the beautiful features of Japan, it is best to stay away from Feudal Japan. Feudal Japan, often called Medieval Japan, is the time period lasting from 1185 A.D. to 1603. Japan’s geography is very unique due to its volcanic mountains, rivers, and many islands. On the other hand, the lack of technological and scientific advancements are not desirable in a civilization. In addition to this, the culture is mostly militarized and offers not many worthwhile activities. If the previous reasons are not enough to convince one to stay away, the many wars would get the job done. This era is mainly characterized by war, feudalism, and the militarization of the government (Tschen-Emmons). Therefore, it is not in one’s best interest to go to Feudal Japan. Japan’s geography may be considered by some to be ideal due to its beautiful, unique features, but the geography and climate do not always positively affect life in Japan. For example, the climate is monsoonal, which is when there are wet and dry seasonal winds (“Japan”). The location of Japan offers protection and isolation, which can possibly increase or decrease the quality of life in Japan. The defensive aspect of…show more content…
The parts of culture that remained included the samurai, Buddhism, and different forms of entertainment. The samurai were the dominant group in Japan and were vassals of the daimyo and had a strict code (“Samurai”). During the Kamakura period, Buddhism was introduced to Japan and become the central part of many lives. Also, other things were introduced that contributed to the culture, such as Christianity. Noh plays were a popular form of entertainment that consisted of few male actors in intricate masks. These parts of culture may have been considered to be great, but they do not measure to the cultures of other civilizations. In conclusion, the culture of this civilization does not have as much to offer as
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