Religious Diversity In Australia Essay

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Another current Australia religious landscape is rationalised by Immigration. The major significant reason for the increase in the diversity of the religious character in Australia is immigration. The large number of immigrants since the World War II can be attributed to a variety of factors. Firstly, in the consequences of the war many Europeans and some of non-European immigrants whose families and homes had been overwhelmed sought to start a new life in a safer and more secure environment. Secondly, the Australian government throughout this time actively sought immigration in the belief the nation's security and economic prosperity was needy upon an important increase to its population. To achieve this, the Australian government offered assisted passage to immigrants hoping to attract them to come to Australia. Thirdly, the decline of the 'White Australia' policy up to its final termination in 1973 meant that the migration of people from a greater variety of cultural groups became easier. Lastly, overseas wars and oppression have led to influence of immigration from affected areas for example Vietnam 1970s, Lebanon…show more content…
Two-thirds of Australia's Muslim society were born overseas, coming from over 70 different countries. The major sources of Islamic immigration are the Middle East “particularly Lebanon, Iran and Iraq”, Europe “Turkey, Herzegovina and Bosnia” and Asia “Malaysia and Indonesia”. Further the growth of Buddhism is the effect of immigration from troubled areas of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula that is from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In recent years, Buddhist numbers have further increased as a result of immigration from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Significant numbers of Jews have also migrated from a diversity of European origins. Hindu figures in Australia have also been increased as a result of immigration from

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