Fried Green Tomatoes Ethical Issues

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Throughout history movies have been created in order to entertain audiences; humans were tired of only hearing about crazy stories of action, romance, and horror. They wanted to see them travel across their pupils all across the screen into making these fantasies a reality, and every now and then there is a movie that comes along that raises questions that societies take into their own lives. These films make people question themselves; not in any negative way but more in a sense of morality, wondering if they would do the same thing themselves that they had just watched in a movie. The film Fried Green Tomatoes does exactly that, most people could walk in and out of the movie and believe they watched a movie that is about two best friends…show more content…
Many parts were left open-ended into interpretation, so much that Naomi Rockler (a PhD at the University of Minnesota) decided to complete a study including students from the school who had just seen the movie recently. Dr. Rockler asked the students to explain the plot back as best as they could and then asked about the relationship between Idgie and Ruth, and if the student said nothing about the lesbian relationship she would ask how they felt about the statement and whether or not they agreed with it. Out of the ten students she did the study with seven of them believed that Ruth and Idgie were not lesbians based on the fact that there was no real physical evidence of any relationship between the two (Rockler 96-97). Some of the students just because they were not physical with each other does not mean that there was something going on between the two, for most of the relationship Buddy Jr. is around so maybe the two decided it would be best to raise him without getting sexually involved with each other. With any movie there is a large part that could have been left out regarding the two and their relationship. Just because something is not included on-screen has no correlation with the fact that something could have happened behind the scenes with the

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