Comparing ASL And Pidgin Sign English

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As previously established, English is very oral while signing is gestural and visual based. There are different forms of signing, some common ones are “pure English”, “pure ASL” and Pidgin Sign English which is a mixture of both. The syntax used is more similar to English and the signer will likely mouth the words during signing. While there are many different forms of signing there is a different between someone signing ASL and someone using signed English. Some familiar with either will be able to tell that the flow is different and different syntaxes are used. For example, in ASL they would sign “you go home, maybe?” but in Pidgin you might sign “Will you go home, maybe?” I, too have noticed that there may be differences in the syntax used. It is like English where some individuals will speak proper English while others will shorten their sentences. Chapter 22: Is it bad manners to interrupt Signers to tell them you are taking a…show more content…
Most signers who are having a conversation in ASL in public know that their conversation is open and anyone can see it, unless it is purposely hidden behind something or they are using some “coded signing” there is no such thing as a secret signing conversation. It would be best to wait until you find the right moment and not interrupt though, this would give you the opportunity to properly let yourself in to the conversation just like with speaking people. It would not be rude for someone to let themselves in to another speaking conversation but you wouldn’t do it if they are currently arguing or speaking about something private, you would wait until the time is right and let yourself in by introducing yourself. Of course, like speaking conversations there are always people that welcome you in a friendly way and continue a conversation with you but there are always others who will act coldly or even rude to

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