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The Battle of Alaris There was nothing but silence on the castle walls. The troops were lined up like toy soldiers, with their weapons drawn but aimed at midnight fog. They had received their orders, and the only punishment for disobeying the king’s authority was death. The king would not be responsible for this death, for the end of their lives would only be brought upon by the blades of the enemy’s swords. They had complete faith in their ruler, but their morale was dwindling. It had been weeks since the powerful Quatokarians had declared their aggression, yet no attempts had been made to engage in combat. The days dragged on, and the silence only got quieter. “Send all the troops we can muster to Alaris,” declared the illustrious King Sullivan III, staring over a large map with game-like pieces strewn across the roughly-drawn continent. “If he hasn’t attacked yet, then his forces are still gathering. For all we know, he could have 12 men on that battlefield or 12,000. Either way, he’s wearing us down and waiting for the perfect moment to attack. We can only…show more content…
The drums of battle began to pound, and shouts of fighting men and women could be heard from the farthest hills. The Hexir soldiers poured out of of the walls and began to charge to the north and south, but the Quatoks were attacking from the east, the sun in the Hexirs’ eyes. It is this positioning that would define the battle. Countless Quatok soldiers marched forward as one unit, with warriors of varying weaponry slaughtering to break the thinning line of Hexir troops. The line continued to thin itself by maneuvering out of the way. With a massive cry, the Quatok soldiers broke through the wall of troops that stood between them and the city’s outer wall. The fight had lingered for some time, yet the death toll was shockingly

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