Relationships In The Birds

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In the film The Birds, Melanie Daniels is a young women who lives in San Francisco.Her father is very upperclass and owns a large newspaper. Melanie stopped over at a pet shop wanting to purchase a bird for her aunt. At the same time, Melanie ran into a man known as Mitch Brenner who confuses her for a shop worker. Melanie falsely attempts to sell him a pair of lovebirds, until Mitch exposes that he knew who she was the entire time. Mitch is a lawyer who remembers Melanie when she was represented in court due to her practical jokes which backfired and resulted in a damaged window. Melanie immediately searched for Mitch's license plate number to find out who he really is and where he can be located. Following, she bought Mitch a pair of lovebirds and attempted to…show more content…
Throughout the film, there are three women whose relationships with Mitch are disrupted somewhat by Melanie’s arrival in Bodega Bay: his mother, Lydia, his former lover, Annie, and his sister, Cathy. All three of these women essentially spend their lives “flocking” around Mitch. For the most part he is there whole world and the singular male authority figure in all of their lives. Melanie's wandering from independence to humbleness is a moderate action which occurs from beginning to the very end of the movie. The strike and the proceeding outbreak arrangement are the closure of a action that was set in act before hand. There is a discrepancy in Melanie's gender role even between the first two

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