Rehabilitation Vs Incarceration

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Government Rehabilitation vs. Incarceration In deterrence of crime, the criminal justice system has devised a system which focuses into stopping crime. In most cases, offenders are subjected to sentencing and consequent punishment which in most cases takes the form of incarceration. This form of averting crime of any antisocial behavior has in recent times sparked a heated debate on whether the criminal justice systems serve any significance in correcting the individuals concerned or they are out to avenge for crimes offended. The moral significance of criminal justice system is to correct the persons and to avert any future intensions or desire to commit crime. However, the purpose served through incarceration is far reaching and has been…show more content…
Poverty for instance contributes greatly to the number drug uses in the streets. Rehabilitation acknowledges this reality of social equity and therefore looks out to help in elimination or aiding in such compromising situations by either providing moral or financial support (Uelmen et al. 20). Rehabilitation unlike incarceration objects the postulation that individuals irrespective of their social status have equal freedom in decision making (Samuels par. 3). Incarceration fails to recognize the role of policies that disproportionately ignore the realities that sideline economically constrained backgrounds and compel such people to engage in drug abuse which lead to…show more content…
Rehabilitated individuals may help their peers the dangers of such addictions or they may help rehabilitating individuals already addicted to similar drugs. In contrast, incarceration adds no value to the person (Samuels par. 4). This is why it may be seen that once the individual gets out of jail, they are more or less likely to go back to the same drugs. In the broadest sense rehabilitating individuals could have far reaching benefits which are significantly beneficial to the community at large. Incarceration brings together people from all caliber of crime. Drug addicts most likely learn other criminal activities from other inmates who could have been engaged in other crimes such as robbery, murder, rape etc. These individuals once they are out will be tempted to engage in such crimes to satisfy their financial needs to but the drugs. This means that the intended purpose was never achieved and worse still the individuals come out not just as drug addicts but as robbers, murderers or rapists. Incarceration therefore does less good than harm to the affected

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