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Latin is a very magical language. In fact, so magical that Latin is the second most prominent language in Harry Potter. Many incantations of spells in Harry Potter had Latin roots. The mixture of words creates a great way to express what is happening. Incantations aren’t the only things using Latin; some names like, Draco Malfoy, have Latin origins too One of the more known spells in Harry Potter is Lumos. This spell creates a light from the tip of the wand. Although Lumos has no Latin translation, its more powerful version does. Lumos Maxima does the same thing as Lumos, but the light is bigger and brighter. Maxima is Latin for very great or greatest. The first time this spell is shown is in the third movie, but it was never a spell in the…show more content…
What do you do? Expecto Patronum! Expecto Patronum, also known as the Patronus Charm, is a spell to create a spirit-like guardian to save you from dementors. In Latin, Patronus means guardian or protector. In archaic Latin, it would mean father and the connection between the Patronus Harry makes and his father’s Patronus might not be a coincidence. Expecto would mean I look out for or I wait for. The rough translation of the charm incantation would be I await a protector. This is first seen in both the third book and movie. A lesser known spell that may seem useful at first, but not so much in the long run would be the Draconifors Spell. It turns small inanimate objects in dragons. Draco is the Latin word for dragon. Fors is Latin for fortune or luck. The rough translation would be dragon fortune. The first time this is seen is in the third movies video game. The Cruciatus Curse, what is one of the worst spells ever. If you are on the wrong end of a wand and the wand holder says Crucio you are in for pain. It is excruciating and will your throat sore from screaming. This spell is one of the three Unforgivables. As the name would suggest, if you use this spell you will never be forgiven and the rest of your life would be in prison. Cruciatus means pain or torture in Latin. This is first seen in the fourth book and

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