Reflection About Relationships

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Maintaining a good relationship at all times is very important for your well being throughout your life. Relationships often times come and go, but you leave a piece of yourself or an impact on others lives. If you never take the opportunity to establish a relationships you do not give yourself a chance to open up to someone on a personal level. No one can alter my perception of you, but you. I cannot grasp the understanding of how you can hurt someone you claim to love. My perception of my first love changed after five years and he will forever be labeled as such; a compulsive liar, and a cheater. As a matter of fact, let us flashback to April of 2010 when I meet the boy I would spend the next five years off an on within my adolescent life. A fifteen year old 6’2, brown skin, muscular, pretty white teeth with a nice smile and a New Orleans, Louisiana accent gentlemen. We…show more content…
My entire perception changed of the boy I first loved in one night. A young lady I use to attend middle school with by the name of Chelsea made a Facebook status tagging him and myself in it asking questions and being what we call now messy. The status went into detail about his and her relationship and she inquired about my dealings with him. I replied in the comments with smart remarks just to get my feelings hurt about twenty minutes later when she posted a positive pregnancy test claiming to be pregnant with his child. Right at that moment looking at that IPhone screen my heart sank into my stomach. I was so devastated and had no clue what to do or even say. I could not wrap my head around him potentially being the father of her child. The person I loved was going to have a child by someone he barely even knew. I could not come to the realization to even tell my mom because that would just prove she was right about him the entire time and at this point I could not bare to hear a, “I told you
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