Red Wolves: Most Rarest Animals In The World

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Red Wolves are one of the most rarest animals in the world. With only around one hundred seventy-five left, and less than 100 pure breds, Red Wolves have been taken into preservation. Red Wolves have many unique characteristics, and many special adaptations to live in their environment, and with many human interactions Red Wolves are now in need of preservation. Red Wolves are two feet tall from the shoulder, and four and a half feet from snout to tail. They have red fur on their snout and behind its ears. The rest of their fur is either a very pale yellow and brown to black and gray, but can sometimes be a Tawny, or a beige (Gregory, 2014). Because of these mistakes one may think Red Wolves are thought as foxes or coyotes instead. Red Wolves have a broader and longer snout than a coyote, with a tail that reaches just below the middle of the leg. They have much longer legs than a coyote which helps them grow in size, and make them look more intimidating(Beeland, 2013). The average weight of an adult male Red Wolf is sixty to eighty pounds, while an adult female is only forty to sixty.…show more content…
The long legs help them to run faster and to be able to leap over large objects in their way. While hunting, Red Wolves can carry a steady pace of twenty miles per hour, but if needed to they can do short little bursts of twenty-five to thirty miles per hour (Durham, 2015). Another special adaptation is how much broader their feet are. Red Wolves have larger feet to move more stealthily in the night and to approach pray in the day without being heard. Red Wolves also hunt in the night, but when prey is scarce, they sometimes hunt in the day, when more animals are out. They also have an amazing sense of smell. They can smell prey or just a scent up to one mile away (Gregory,

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