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A good leader? Leaders that are good enough to be seen positively by the public is one in a billion. Not only are they as rare as the most gleaming gems, but they are as fragile as an egg as most good leaders are gone before they can finish the job. Often or not they will be a good leader, but the people will see him negatively, as he affected their lives somehow and are taken for granite of their accomplishments. In class we discussed the Iroquois constitution. They valued a lot in a leader like how they could take care of their family’s or how they had to make the decisions of the tribe. Most of all, they had to be respectful as to not be seen as bad leaders. They were required to follow these terms to be a leader in the council as the leaders…show more content…
When a leader has no humility they won’t be able to admit to when he has messed up something for everyone and not just he but he won’t be willing to take the blame for the group for his mistake. Others may want a leader who admits his mistakes so that maybe future generations may learn from his mistakes. According to Ray Kroc “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” One cannot cast judgment without showing their self’s as the way they are as not only do they need to be respectable but also have a decent…show more content…
Without courage how are his or her subordinates expected to rally with them in times of dire need. Courage should be required in a leader as they will stand with their troops or as one of the people when it is needed. Courage is a must for leaders as they need the ability to look a threat in the face and show no fear as to frighten the enemy and force them to back down. According to Theodore Roosevelt “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” As courage shows how you can handle pressure it also shows how well you can dish that pressure back at the foe showing how strong you are in comparison so the phrase speak softly and carry a big stick means that speak calm but when push comes to shove come back swinging. Lastly, without integrity the struggles that they face are even more costly for them and everyone else. Integrity is a must in leaders as they cannot be with the people if they think he is a cheat. Integrity helps as people will not follow a corrupt leader. Leaders are far more successful when they have the integrity to be seen positively rather than negatively as they help the country, city, town etcetera, to become stronger as a whole. According to “High expectations are the key to everything.” When you are leader people look up to you as if you were some sort of messiah coming to save them from the

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