Raisin In The Sun Book Vs Movie

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Which one tells a better story, the book or the movie? That is what I am hoping to answer for you in this essay. I think that the movie is way better the book for a couple of reasons. I hope to make you see why I say the movie is better than the book. I hope that at the end you agree with me. Reason one the movie is better is that the story that they are tell is longer. If the story is longer then the viewers is have more that watch and enjoy. The book is way shorter the the movie which means a lot less content for them to enjoy. If that was a movie it would only be about 30 mins. The movie has more content, so the viewer can get to know Walter and they will start to know him better. Another reason way the movie is better is because the movie we get to watch Walter change through the movie an stop day dreaming because he is going on his own adventure. In the book we never see Walter really change he still day dreams to try to get away from his wife. But in the movie we see him change, we see him do stuff that he would have never done in the beginning of the movie. Watch the character change brings the viewer closer to that character a watching Walter change brings them closer to him. The book never really did that, so the readers never got to see Walter change a person.…show more content…
Well I don’t think so, to me the best parts are the funny parts because if not the movie wouldn’t be that good, it would be about Walter going to find a guy. Also some people might say that Walter would never travel to find that guy, and that he would never do all that because he is too scared to do that stuff and values his job. But think about it, if that was the case the movie would be so boring because nothing would happen. The whole point of the movie was for Walter stop daydreaming because he is going on is own

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