Rainsford: A Fictional Narrative

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The next morning Rainsford was awaken by the mysterious howling of the hounds in the courtyard. He looked out the window and down upon the dogs. Something very abnormal was going on. The hounds were all behaving themselves and sitting in a circle around something he couldn’t quite make out from the window. He had looked right where he expected General Zaroff’s body to be and it was gone! He frantically looked around all his surroundings to see if there were any clues as to where the general might have gone. He ran down the stairs and to the dining room. There was something very suspicious about it. The air was thin like ice and there was a cool breeze passing through the room. Someone had to have been through the house during the middle of the night. Rainsford stepped…show more content…
How in the world are you still alive?” asked Rainsford, “I sent you over the edge and down to the hounds. There’s no way!” The general looked at him and started to grin. It showed off pointy teeth and red lips. “I had the hounds trained to never attack me. You’re such a fool Rainsford.” Just at that moment, General Zaroff lept over to where Rainsford was sitting on the branch and tried to push him down and back to the ground. Rainsford maintained his balance and charged after the general. He hopped onto his back and blinded him with his hands. The general fell to the ground and a huge cloud of dust filled the air. Rainsford got out his knife and hopped down from the branch. General Zaroff got up and started running toward the island’s edge. Rainsford ran after him and chased him all the way across the island. Rainsford was right on the general’s heels the entire way there. They reached the edge and the waters were roaring and crashing up against the edge. They both looked down at the aggressive waters. Rainsford slowly pulled his knife back and put it close to his head. The general looked up and saw that Rainsford was about to finish him once and for all. He only had one

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