Dirk The Protector Research Paper

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The story “Dirk the Protector” is about a mutually beneficial relationship between Gary Paulsen and Dirk who is a dog. These two benefit from each other in many ways. One way Paulsen benefits Dirk is that Paulsen gives Dirk food. I know this because on page 273 Paulsen gives Dirk half a burger, on page 274 Paulsen gives Dirk the other half of the burger and on page 275 Paulsen gives Dirk some crackers with peanut butter and grape jelly. Paulsen continues to feed Dirk by giving him a burger every day and stealing some dog food for him. This benefits Dirk because before he met Paulsen he was living in an alley meaning he did not have a reliable source of food. Dirk is much better off now that he has a reliable source of food. One way that Dirk

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