Race Matters: Social Injustice Affecting African Americans

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The debate over whether “race matters” is getting more complicated as news and social media put a spotlight on social injustices that are specifically affecting African Americans. Throughout history, race has always been a major factor in determining superiority, in which the framers and founding fathers of this nation created a system to serve and protect the white man. Race is still an issue today as our system of checks and balances go unchecked and unbalanced. These issues are specifically evident for African Americans who are not served fairly and justly. How could race not matter when people of different groups live within a system that was designed for a specific group? This is the crux of the problem that many African Americans face everyday as they fight for social, economic, and political equality in the United States.…show more content…
Throughout history in this country, race has been the determining factor in who can possess those liberties and who can participate in human society and their voice is heard. Ultimately, race has been used to determine ones value. From the 16th to 19th centuries, one could look at a black person and quickly come to the conclusion that they’re a slave, uneducated, and poor. From the 20th century to today in the 21st century those stigmas are still being placed on African Americans, with the exception of the word “slave” which has been replaced by

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