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In the article “Should English be the law?” Robert D. King explains that because other languages from immigration of diverse ethnicities will not threaten American national identity, a law for using only English is unnecessary. Rather, the author asserts that by tolerating diverse languages, America can experience prosperity (King, 437). This position is very reasonable because people should use common language for communication and in this respect, English occupies most of America’s language. Since it is hard for the major language to be weakened, King is correct. Also, if language is mere means of expression, the King’s argument that “Language and nationalism were not always so intimately intertwined (438)” may be true. However, considering that language is not just expression means, King is incorrect to mention that language is little influential to nation. Language is essential for communicating with each other and language represents a culture. In other words, language plays an important role in a nation. Therefore, contrary to King’s opinion, it is more likely that language affect nationality strongly.…show more content…
In reality, America is already using English officially (436). For example, we can’t see other languages on a sign on highways. There is only English. Also, it is not likely that many immigrants would use inconvenient language for observing the “English Only” law (437). Even though the United States legislates the law, people may not follow the law. Furthermore, the author suggests two more reasons in addition to the fact that the law is virtually ineffective. The first reason is language is not relevant to national identity (438). And King mentions that the United States has “unique otherness”

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