Summary Of Morrish's Real Discipline Approach

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There are any number of reasons that a disruption may occur in the classroom, and a student’s disruptive behavior is a scenario that may play out over and over again. There is a long and exhaustive list of reasons why students may cause disruptions in the classroom, just like there are many different approaches to behavior management. The behavior management approach an educator will use may depend on the circumstances, or the student, or a combination of both. In this paper I am going to describe a scenario of disruptive student behavior, describe to apply Morrish’s Real Discipline approach in order to promote a stimulating learning environment, and outline the steps I will use to apply this approach in the classroom. Below is a common disruptive…show more content…
It is important for teachers to have sound behavior management skills because it allows them to better meet the needs of their students (Woodcock, & Reupert, 2013). This approach is focused on structure, rules, and allowing students the opportunity to make their own choices. There are three primary stages to this behavior management approach: training, teaching, and management. With training, students are taught how to comply with rules, and to do as they are told by people in power, be it parents or teachers (Matheson, 2010). Teaching happens when students are given the opportunity to learn appropriate ways to express themselves, and are given the skills to make cooperative and responsible choices. Finally, management comes from the person in charge giving students options and choices in order for them to arrive at the best possible outcome. With this type of behavioral approach students are taught the skills required to successfully accomplish tasks that they want to do, and tasks that they might not want to do, but are required for success in the…show more content…
After verbal redirection the teacher should reiterate the rules and why they should be complied, as well as the steps the student needs to follow in order to be in compliance with the day’s activities. The teacher is once again teaching them the skills that they need in order to be successful in this activity and reminding them that the rules are in place for a reason and will be followed or else natural consequences will occur. Students should be well aware of routines in their educational activities as well as their behavior. Routines are meant to be predictable and make the classroom environment more easily managed by the students (Smith,

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