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Randhawa 1 Zorro Randhawa Mrs. Musser American Literature 2 October 2015 Of Plymouth Plantation In Of Plymouth Plantation, Bradford shows a providential view of history during the trip over the frantic oceans. during the trip over the “staring time’, “And the time after that”. This passage shows how important God is in every situation and how He can change the outcome of anything and everything within a matter of seconds. During their time of the voyage of the New World, you could say that Bradford was the one who lead the voyage, but they had some difficulties during their voyage to the New World as they had bad weather and winter was approaching, they prayed to God day and night to keep them safe and sound.…show more content…
Which again proves that God is all mighty powerful and is able to seek revenge on the prideful young sailor, or anyone who goes against God. "They committed themselves to the will of God" (59). Later in the story, God also helps one of his chosen people by the name of John Howard to survive from sickness and the wild waves as he was coming to the top of the boat and a wave swept him overboard. But by God's will he was saved. And Bradford believed that he was one of God's "chosen people" and later became an important member of the society. After they reached the mainland, they had work to do. As it was hard for them adjusting to the new land and they did not know how to grow food either. This was because the land and soil was different and so was the weather. They met the Puritans who helped them as much as they could. But it was hard for them too as not many of them spoke english. They had one thing in common though, the were also believers in God. The Puritans also relied on the Covenant of Grace which was a belief that God had already chosen a select few people that would be

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