Quits In John Updike's A & P

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Why Sammy Really Quits in "A & P" In the story of John Updike's "A & P", the narration is done at the first-person by Sammy, who seems to present us the reasons that might be telling why he quit his job at the grocery store: he is standing up for the girls that his manager Lengel, covered with embarrassment. Looking a bit deeper into that matter as we are moving toward the end of the story when Sammy quit, it doesn't seem that he quit because of the girls, despite the sexual desire that he has toward one of the girl, a more likely explanation to why he quit lies in the his desire to break free from this dull life in which he will eventually end up as Stokesie as well as reject the parental authority depicted by this manager Lengel. The moment the girls enter the grocery store, it is obvious that Sammy finds them attractive, beyond the detailed physical description that he…show more content…
Clearly Sammy does not like his parents life either as depicted by his description of the type of party his parents hold, where cheap beer in cartoon glasses constitutes a “racy affair.”() This is obviously not the future he sees himself into. In Sammy's view quitting his job will be an expression of his freedom as well as his independence which might lead to why he does not like his manager Lengel that much. When Sammy's rejects Lengel's suggestion to keep his job, not only he says to his manager but also to his parents and that ready-made respectable middle class life that his parents gave

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