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Qing Dynasty, is the last feudal dynasty, a dynasty that was indelible in the history of China. Qing Dynasty has the largest population of the entire Chinese period. Qing Dynasty has many great emperor. Some historians think that the Qing Dynasty has a negative impact in history because of the opium war. In my opinion, the presence of the Qing Dynasty affects the current national unity. Qing Dynasty has an abnormal regime where the minority rules the majority. When looking at ancient Chinese times, there were no successful examples of the minority ruling the majority. Ethnicity has always been an issue, especially in ancient times for both the Chinese and foreign powers; it was difficult to solve. Slaughter the majority ethnic group and make…show more content…
Even though the method was not very clever, it was still useful in the Chinese nation. What does this success mean to entire Chinese nation? Just like the other invasion, people have a strong resistance for the purposes of mass killing. Qing had killed the initial pure blood Han people first. In the Chinese history, you can find that the Chinese are a history of coagulation of blood and tears. The Chinese nation suffered the greatest problems that the whole world could have ever been troubled with. The Chinese civilization almost faced genocide. Qing rulers knew that the massacres could not fully succeed in ruling the majority; from there started the haircut rule. This addressed to make the Qing national spirit with shaved nature. Qing change people spiritually. Qing exposed the Chinese civilization in negative and corrupt thought. A Si Ku Quan Shu and a literary inquisition had distorted the entire Chinese history. Confucian culture promoted civil and martial arts, but in the ideological definition of Qing dynasty, only the negative impact was left. Numerous historical deeds were eliminated. The former Chinese pride confidence were enslaved by the Qing government. In this way, the Qing dynasty had created a miracle of human. But it later brought humiliation to the entire Chinese nation and has been extended to today’s ideological rigidity, lack of faith, fawning,…show more content…
This caused the government to make various humiliating decisions when the foreign power invaded China. Their territory was indeed better and bigger than the Ming dynasty. Under careful analyzation, the Yuan land was found to be bigger. Where did the land go? The development of the Qing Dynasty territory is in fact the same land before minority rule. After the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, the minority got those territories. The new China’s territory was fought back by the communists. Qing Dynasty in China had the greatest population development during the feudal dynasty era. In fact, it is because in modern times, agricultural science and civilization were improved by the millennium accumulation of Chinese people. The main key point is that the introduction of the sweet potato, corn, and other high-yielding crops lead to the Han population growth. New China was founded only a few decades, but the population increased from four hundred million to over ten million. History is determined by population and population is largely determined by food production. If corn and sweet potatoes were grown early before the 100 years, there was a big possibility that the Manchu political groups during Nurhaci era could have been

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