Psychology In The Great Gatsby

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Psychology in the Movies The movie that I chose for this assignment is The Great Gatsby. This movie follows the same story found in classic book of the same name. It follows the story of Nick Carraway, an ambitious young man looking to make money off the stock market, just after moving to New York in the year 1922. He moves in next to mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and across the bay from his cousin Daisy as well as her pompous husband Tom. Gradually, the story unravels the mystery behind the mysterious Gatsby and reveals his secret wish steal Daisy from Tom. Through a series of outrageous stunts Gatsby attempts to win over Daisy. The story culminates an event wherein Daisy who is driving Gatsby’s car at the time runs down a woman, who just so happens to be Tom’s mistress. In a grave misunderstanding Gatsby is gunned down by…show more content…
Social psychology shows that group mentality is a large influence on our individual behavior. Throughout the movie we are shown numerous scenes of extravagant parties where actions that some would view as socially unacceptable are often performed. However, I would like to focus particularly on the scene in the apartment wherein Nick was attempting but that growing number of guests coerced him to stay when he normally wouldn’t have. It gives a good indication that the behavior of an individual can change as a result of being part of a group but, I feel that the movie doesn’t do all that it could to show that concept accurately. Without the context of the movie Group Behavior has a big impact has a large impact on how we behave. One of the most prevalent part of this is loss of individualization when in groups, the idea that when you look the same as everyone else your choices are more likely to be morally objectionable. An infamous example of this in action is during World War 2 when the Nazis did horrible things to people because they were encouraged to do so as part of the

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