Psychodynamic Approach To Counselling Essay

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Content I have learn so far that there are several approaches, theories, systems or models for counselling: 1The psychodynamic approach manage the idea of working with unconscious aspects that a person is not aware of because they happened before the age of 7; the humanistic approach (Rogers, Maslow and others) believes in working with present experiences in the person’s life and that the relationship between counsellor and client is based in respect and empathy. In this theory, the feelings are valued. The behavioural cognitive approach does not deal with feelings but instead, works with the logical thinking in order to change any irrational beliefs. Also there are the Integrative approaches which blends different ideas of different theories.…show more content…
According with the BACP the Counsellor’s role is “to facilitate the client’s work in ways which respect the client’s values, personal resources and capacity for choice within his/her personal context”. Regarding the counselling skills, I have learned that a professor of Psychology called Gerard Egan created in 1995, a model for counselling. This model has 3 stages: exploring, understanding and action. In a later date, Egan talks about the helping relationship and “Problem management” and these 3stages are called: 1) Current picture: Where the “what’s going on?” happens. - This involves helping the client spell out his or her current picture. The client sees the problems and unused opportunities. 2) Preferred picture: “What do I need or want?”.- This involves helping the clients paint their preferred picture. What solutions make sense for

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