Psamtik Sa Neith Analysis

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In the case of Egyptian art, stylistic standards set as early as the Old Kingdom remained dominant throughout the millennia. These stylistic standards are evident in the statue of Psamtik-sa-Neith. Sculpted sometime between 664 and 525 BCE, the Statue was commissioned by Psamtik-sa-Neith and dedicated to the temple of Neith located in Sais. Currently residing in the Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, the Basalt sculpture stands 56 centimeters tall and depicts the highly ranked official, Psamtik-sa-Neith kneeling in front of a shrine dedicated to the god Osiris. Psamtik-sa-Neith is clothed in a simple robe that covers him from the middle of his chest to his lower legs. The statue was created using subtractive

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