Protein Synthesis Lab Report

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Purpose: The Purpose of this Experiment is to extract DNA from peas in order for the student to see what DNA looks like on a macroscopic scale. DNA is extremely small, and thus understanding what DNA looks like on a macroscopic scale is important for biology students. The DNA of a eukaryotic cell is tightly bound together with a network or proteins. The DNA wrapped around certain proteins called histones form nucleosomes which could be described as beads on a string. Other proteins stabilize and support these spools, making a complex network of DNA coils and proteins called chromosome. There are three main factors that determine a person’s traits and personality: genetic factors, environmental factors, and spiritual factors.…show more content…
Proteins which are produced in one’s cells determine one’s genetic traits or tendencies while DNA decides which type of protein to produce. Protein synthesis is the process by which individual cells construct proteins. Both deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and all types of ribonucleic acid (RNA) are involved in this process (Wise Geek). Protein Synthesis is broken into two separate processes: through transcription, by which the tRNA copies a negative image of the codes on DNA strand and through translation, the process which the messenger RNA travels to the ribosome with the negative copy of the DNA and attracts a certain type of amino acid which links together to form proteins (Protein…show more content…
Conclusions: The soap dissolved the phospholipids in the plasma membranes of pea cells. This destroyed the plasma membranes and opened the cells, causing the contents of the cells to flow into the solution. After the meat tenderizer was added, the proteins that coat the DNA was destroyed and the DNA was exposed. The DNA of the peas were successfully exposed because the soap and meat tenderizer were added. This experiment could be improved by using a microscope to examine and measure the DNA extracted. Also, one could improve the experiment by clarifying the amount of solutes in the solution. This could reduce experimental errors that might occur during the experiment. For further research, one can try to do this experiment on different kinds of peas and examine the DNA extracted and see if there are any visible differences between them. It is also beneficial to research and learn more about differences of plant cells and animal cells. Additionally, one may also research about different ways to extract DNA from both plant cells and animal

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