Prostitution In Beauty

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Prostitution: Vehicle of Trauma Prostitution may also be seen as a vehicle for troubled mind of women. The prostitutes in the novel are inwardly sad woman but they project themselves as the opposite. They laugh hysterically in cheap anecdotes that they tell each other “All three of the women laughed. Marie threw back her head. From deep inside her laughter came like the sound of many rivers… China giggled spastically… Poland, who seldom spoke unless she was drunk, laughed without sound.”(50-51) These woman were the local whores and later on Claudia and Frieda were traumatized by their presence at their house in the presence of Henry Washington. The prostitutes gain power over men by exploiting their own sexuality which leads to self hatred…show more content…
I have tried to study how African-American women think and feel about their bodies. Thus we have Morrison’s perspective of black community’s view on beauty, which the characters in the novel associate with whiteness, and the psychological damages it created on the black women. The Bluest Eye constantly makes various references to white icons of beauty such as Shirley Temple, Greta Garbo, Ginger Rogers etc. The female characters (African American ones) aspire to be white as their society considers them to be ugly and even not worthy to be looked…show more content…
In one instance we have Cholly Breedlove being inconsiderate towards his family as he put them “outdoors” and eventually went to jail. He cannot be called a responsible family person as even though he was the father, yet he becomes one of the reason for the downfall of his daughter. Even Cholly Breedlove himself was devoid of mother’s love. When he was only four days old, his mother had wrapped him in two blankets and a newspaper and placed him on a junk heap by the railroad. His Great Aunt Jimmy had later rescued him and beat his mother with a leather strap who ran away shortly, abandoning her baby. Even his father abandoned him and later refused to accept him after his Aunt Jimmy’s death. Rather than acknowledging his son, he was busy gambling away. That was the reason why Cholly Breedlove could never love or care for his own children and ends up raping his

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