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Precious is a movie based on a novel called Push by the author Sapphire. The movie came out in 2009 and was directed by Lee Daniels. The movie Precious is taken place in 1987 in the ghetto of Harlem, New York City. The character Claireece Precious Jones, normally called Precious, is a 16 year old overweight female who lives with her mother. The home environment for Precious is dysfunctional, her mother is unemployed and abuses her physically, mentally, and sexually. Precious has been raped by her biological father and has resulted in being pregnant by him twice. Precious and her mom lives in a section 8 housing apartment and relies on welfare to survive. Precious has two children her father. Her first child is diagnosed with Down syndrome and is being raised by his great-grandmother. Precious becomes pregnant again by her father and transferred to an alternative school by her principal. Her principal hopes that this will get Precious on a better track with her life. Precious is 16 and in the ninth grade. In the new school setting Precious meets her new teacher and is quickly inspired by her. Precious learns to read and write with the help of her new teacher. Precious was raped by her father and no one knew this until she accidently…show more content…
Using this aspect of Precious, we could possibly use it as a resilence tool. Resilience theory “focus on positive youth development in the face of risk and provides a conceptual framework for studying and understanding why some youths grow up to be healthier adults despite the exposure to risk (Zimmerman, Stoddard, Eisman, Caldwell, Aiyer & Miller, 2013).” Individuals have resilience when environmental social and individual factors interfere with the path to risky behavior (Zimmerman et al, 2013). Resilience helps youth to overcome adversity. It can be used as a strength-based approach to create preventive

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