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In ability to fully comprehend the Constitution, the arms of government, and the rights of the people when it comes to their government, there should be a well-formed agreement for the goals of Xlandia. Primarily, the arrangement ought to be composed so there won’t be a misunderstanding amid civilians regarding rules of the government. Furthermore, Xlandia endured adversity for several years beneath a leader that misused his dominance, in forming this task force we ought to assure each one of the functions and legislations are explained without any doubt so there will not be a repetition. Brazil holds a penned establishment as well as a related prior to Xlandia, advocating that the indicated choice would act as the smartest choice. Thus, established…show more content…
Even if we as representatives intend on transferring higher competence to the citizens since they were merely given freedom from a leader who supplied them no power, we believe they are still not prepared for being capable of working as a group along their government when it turns into constructing agreements for the good of their country. Yet, Xlandia should form a congressional organization so the people don’t feel unsure about allowing full power to a president. The people will be competent enough to vote for legislators in council so numerous people are functioning as one since there are now conflicts in gaining power among citizens. There needs to be storng attention towards securing the rights of the outnumbered and individuals so the civilians have faith in their government, though they have been mistreated when putting trust into their dictator in the past. Additionally, a Bill of Rights will provide a hand in assurance of the civil rights of an individual or outnumbered group will be guarded by extra government…show more content…
The most crucial jobs that leaders have are the responsibility of controlling funding, local and communal relations, and also dealing with taxes. The role of a sole director is to take on all the liabilities. Furthermore, more than one individual needs to work as one on this task. Also, people that vote for a primary executive in Xlandia need to assure that they vote intelligently because the person will more than likely build a society that everybody can live

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