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The Disney tale of “Pocahontas” may be a heartfelt love story, but in reality the story of Pocahontas is quite gruesome. The Disney movie “Pocahontas” is wrong in almost every aspect of her life. Ranging from saving John Smith, to how her life went on throughout the second Disney movie, “Pocahontas ii: Journey to a New World”. Pocahontas’ life was all but a hoax on Roy Disney’s part of creating the movie. Her life was tragic and also eventful in the worst ways possible. To be such a “brave hero” led to a series of such unfortunate events. Coming from the source Powhatan.org, the legend of Pocahontas is that she saved a man named John Smith from being clubbed to death by her father in 1607. She was considered a hero or a “good Indian” by the Euro-Americans; she was only about 10-11 years of age when this happened. Of all of Powhatan’s children Pocahontas is primarily known because of her heroic actions to save a “white man”. The source also says that the first time John Smith ever told the story of him being saved was 17 years later. The story was that he was “saved from death by a prominent woman”; this was one of the three stories reported by Smith.…show more content…
“Pocahontas” is not her real name, her actual name is Matoaka. The name Pocahontas means “spoiled child” or “naughty one”. In the Disney movie Roy Disney made her seem as if she was and older young lady, that fell in love with John Smith while at a river. In the real story Matoaka (Pocahontas) never knew who he was, she just saved him. Disney took the “good/bad Indian” themed story and “gave it new life” as the Powhatan Renape Nation says. The information of the story about Matoaka was recorded by the English people themselves, and they say that the story was “badly falsified by the name of

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