Pros And Cons Of Vegans

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NEGLECTING OF HEALTH FROM PERSONAL PREFERENCES In the given text,”5 Reasons Why Vegan Diets May be a Bad Idea”,Kris Gunnars(August,2013) critizes vegans who do not consume meat and dairy products in certain and important points.According to author,there are five main reasons that why vegan diets could be an unlogical idea.Firstly,he thinks that when these people who are called the vegans do not get necessary nutritions,they face some metabolic disorders.He says that some nutritions are just found in meat and milk products.He claims that they do not get them from fruit and vegatable products.Because of not taking these necessary products into their bodies,they encounter lack of nutriments.He asserts that there is no document the vegan diets are more preferable and appropriate than the other diets.He also mentions that the vegans use some strategies in order to persuade people not to consume animal nourishments.He does not disapprove of using strategies.Mostly,I agree with the author in particular points.…show more content…
2008, February p.17 para 3).I agree with the author who is Kris Gunnars.Dairy products are vital for us.If these products do not take into bodies sufficiently,some ilnesses and permanent ailments can be

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