Ethical Ethics Of Toyota

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Toyota was required to pay 1.2 billion dollars in restorations because Toyota, a motor corporation and Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, was accused of lying and placing their customers in harm's way because of their unsafe vehicles and lying about the vehicle safety. Businesses as large as Toyota should have a strong moral principles or ethics. When a business begins to push an agenda, and rush product assembly, mistakes are sure to be made. This is what happened to Toyota and why they were required to pay 1.2 billion dollars. Toyota initially thought that the reason vehicles, they manufactured, were experiencing sudden unintended acceleration was from the accelerator pedal being stuck or jammed underneath the floor mats, they…show more content…
Many people have questioned whether Toyota should be held responsible for these losses that have occured from incidents caused by sudden unintended acceleration. “The agreement, which is subject to judicial review, requires Toyota to pay a $1.2 billion financial penalty – the largest penalty of its kind ever imposed on an automotive company, and imposes on Toyota an independent monitor to review and assess policies, practices and procedures relating to Toyota’s safety-related public statements and reporting obligations” (The United States Department of Justice). Even though monetary value can not bring back the lives that were lost because of Toyotas misguidance, but it was the beginning of businesses learning that they can't hide behind a large name and be covered from things that hurt the…show more content…
Large businesses such as Toyota have a lot of responsibility to make sure that their products are safe for the consumer. Large companies should not hide behind the fact that they are a large company and can pay their way out of situations. People lost their lives due to Toyota lying about the safety of their products. An ethically mature business leader would have made sure something like that never happened. “When car owners get behind the wheel, they have a right to expect that their vehicle is safe. If any part of the automobile turns out to have safety issues, the car company has a duty to be upfront about them, to fix them quickly, and to immediately tell the truth about the problem and its scope. Toyota violated that basic compact. Other car companies should not repeat Toyota’s mistake: a recall may damage a company’s reputation, but deceiving your customers makes that damage far more lasting” (The United States Department of Justice). This was said by Attorney General Eric Holder, this illustrates proper ethical values and illustrates what large businesses like Toyota should

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