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The Similarities and Differences Between Zeus and Hades For millions of years, people have believed in all kinds of different god to show separate things in life. People though Zeus was as responsible as a traffic cone, or Hades was as hot as a cooking pan. Two of the most important gods to ever to ever be believed was Zeus and Hades. Even though they are similar in a few different ways, they are also different in a several ways. They are similar by having a kingdom in realm, or they have several relationships with other girls. However, they are different because they both control different realms and have different environments.They both are very similar in many ways just as, they are different. although, they are you can’t not look at their similarities as…show more content…
Both gods carry different symbols and have different meanings to them. Zeus carries a lightning bolt as a gift to show gratitude of what he’s done. Hades was gifted a helmet of invisibility by the imprisoned Cyclops. Maybe it meant he needed to sneak around or to cause havoc. Another important reason that makes the two gods different is they control much different things. Hades is the god and ruler of the underworld. Zeus on the other hand is the god and ruler of Mount Olympus. Both areas were in different realms and far apart from each other. Also, they have different surroundings chosen by them. Hades chose to make the Underworld to be dark and gloomy, more of a spooky, terrifying look. While Zeus made Mount Olympus bright, happy, and joyful! They both have different jobs where they live. Hade’s job was to control deaths and the dead. He also controlled the hidden wealth on Earth. Zeus was the king of the gods and sky. So he was in charge of all the lightning, rain, and thunder or other natural disasters on Earth. He is also known as “The protector of the weak, and punisher of the

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