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Should We Read The Great Gatsby in School? High School students should be required to read The Great Gatsby it is still relevant to today, shares good morals, teaches students about the roaring 20’s, teaches the American Dream and is a classic book that everyone needs to read. According to the textbook company Pearson Prentice Hall, The Great Gatsby is among 100 books they recommended for High School Students need to read, which agrees with several other sources that explain that this book is one of the Great American Novels. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a relevant book to today because many of the story lines in the story happen on a day to day basis still. For example, many people are greedy and selfish which drives them to drastic things. In the book these drastic things are killing the person who killed your wife, today it could be getting revenge on you brother because he walked into your room. Yes, Gatsby was written 90 years ago so there will be cultural differences but you have to look passed the surface. The true meaning of the book is shown if you dive into it. Because of the relevance to today, it teaches us good morals. For instance, the book…show more content…
In the book we read about extravagant parties and speakeasies. If students were taught the 20’s, we would not understand it as much as we would without reading the book. Have you ever heard the expression “Bring history to life”? To me, this means reading a book to learn about the history. Im sure most of you read the book at some point in your education, what would you do if your child was not able to read the book in class and discuss it in order to understand it? A study done by National Endowment for the Arts said that Americans as a whole are reading less and less books so, teachers now need to encourage reading by making in a part of the curriculum for the

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