Chapter Summary: The Joy Luck Club

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Ka Yan Mok English 116 D. Dofoe Reading Log “The Joy Luck Club” is a popular novel written by Amy Tan in 1989, this novel describes about four Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-born daughters. The joy luck club was found by Suyuan Woo and other mothers who are An Mei, Lindo, and Ying Ying, they met at the church in San Francisco. And both of them like to play Chinese mah jong game so they established a group which is the joy luck club at the beginning, the novel brings out the joy luck club through daughter Jing Mei Woo. Part 1: Feathers from a Thousand Li Away The joy luck club was found by Jing Mei’s mother, Suyuan Woo, was the wife of an officer in the Kuomintang during World War II. She was forced to leave her hometown and abandon her two daughters because of the chaos caused by the war. Suyuan found out her husband was already dead, she remarried to the other man who is Jing Mei’s father and immigrated to America afterwards. Suyuan and her husband intended to find her two daughters but she failed to do it before she died. Jing Mei has…show more content…
An Mei was raised by her grandmother, when her grandmother was really sick, An Mei’s mother cut off a piece of her flesh to her grandmother. They hope it helps though An Mei’s grandmother still died. Lindo associates about her fail marriage, actually she and her husband don’t have the real love in this marriage. Their families just wanted them to have kids as soon as they can. Besides, Lindo is a smart woman and she compiled a story that can force to stop this loveless marriage. Lindo immigrated to the United States afterwards. The final story of this chapter is, when Ying Ying was four, she fell into the lake accidentally during Mid-Autumn Festival. She was saved by the fisherman and she realized that she was lost. Ying Ying made a wish to the moon god, she said she wants to go home. She discovers that the moon lady is played by a

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