Proposals In Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.” Truth or not, if a man truly wants a wife he must ask a woman. How he ask will truly determine how he gets a wife. There are several proposals made in “Pride and Prejudice”. There four proposals that the story focuses on. The possible proposal of Mr. Bingley to Jane and the three proposals made to Elizabeth. The first proposal was made by Mr. Collins, Elizabeth’s father’s cousin. Though the man had originally wanted Elizabeth’s older sister Jane, he settled for Elizabeth when he learned of Mr. Bingley’s potential marriage proposal. He asked Elizabeth for her hand in marriage. His reason being that he needed a wife, that’s…show more content…
Darcy. His proposal is almost spur of the moment kind of proposal. It’s not completely spur of the moment because Mr. Darcy says that he has been troubled by his love for Elizabeth for a while. His motivations for marriage is different from Mr. Collins. Unlike Mr. Collins, Mr. Darcy actually loves Elizabeth and wants her to be his wife out of love, not convenience or because his patroness believes her to be a good wife. His proposal is very passionate and through his passion he manages to insult her as well. However, he insults her by noting her lowly status and says that even though her connections are poor he still wants her. Elizabeth’s treatment is also harsher to Mr. Darcy than it is to Mr. Collins. Most likely because Elizabeth never truly had a good opinion of Mr. Darcy in the beginning. Elizabeth’s reason of rejection is also different, Elizabeth rejects Mr. Darcy because Mr. Darcy interfered with the possible marriage of Jane and Bingley. Whereas Mr. Collins received many no’s, Elizabeth told Mr. Darcy that she would never marry the man who ruined her sister’s happiness and that he is the last man in the world who she would ever marry. His reaction to Elizabeth’s rejection is shock and
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