Macbeth's Diary Of Banquo

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Macbeth convinces two “nerdy” kids that Banquo and his brother are terrible people, and gets them to hack their computers. On Banquo’s computer, they find his personal diary, which they print and distribute to the whole school. Banquo gets teased so much for the contents of this diary that he transfers to a different school. However, they cannot find anything embarrassing or incriminating about his brother. Meanwhile, Macbeth is constantly tormented by what he has done. He fears that at any moment, people will find out what he did and hate him for it. Macbeth used to be the “weird” kid in school without any friends, and the last thing he wants is for history to repeat itself. The school is about to have an important football game against their…show more content…
He even believes that he sees Banquo in the crowd, but it turns out to be another student who looks vaguely like him. Everyone thinks that Macbeth has gone crazy, and the speech is cut short. Macbeth decides to seek out the cheerleaders to ask them how he can maintain his position. Meanwhile, two of Macbeth’s teammates are talking in the locker room. Both of them realize that Macbeth is guilty of destroying the reputation of Banquo and Duncan, and they reveal that Macduff has gone to the rival team for help dethroning Macbeth. Macbeth goes to the three cheerleaders for help. They tell him to watch out for Macduff, but that Macbeth is still the best and no one can beat him. Macbeth is extremely angry at Macduff, and pays a guy to beat up his two best friends as a warning. When Macduff arrives at the rival school to speak to the football captain, Malcolm, they think that he is trying to trick them. Once Macduff convinces Malcolm that his intentions are sincere, Malcolm decides to help. Macduff gives away all of Macbeth’s plays and moves so that the other team can beat…show more content…
Macduff vows to get revenge on Macbeth for doing this to his friends. Meanwhile, Lady Macbeth deletes all of her social media accounts and becomes extremely agitated. She is sent to the school psychologist, who can’t seem to help her. Macbeth is really nervous about Lady Macbeth’s condition, but he is very busy preparing for the upcoming football game. Reports are brought to him about the skill of the opposing team, but the cheerleaders’ messages reassure him. Just before the game, Macbeth receives news that Lady Macbeth is in the hospital after attempting suicide. He becomes extremely upset, but he resolves to play in the game. On the field, the other team destroys Macbeth and wins the the game. Macbeth learns that Macduff is the one who set him up. Macbeth’s poor playing in the game and his evil ways get his position taken away from him. He is once again the lonely, hated kid that he tried so hard to get away from. Although Scotland High is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, many aspects of this play relate to the traditional play in order to effectively update it for current

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