Progressive Rewards Simulation Paper

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The Progressive Rewards Scenario simulation was very important because it gave students the chance to make Human Resources decisions, while learning at the same time. The simulation covered a wide range of topics that included; job descriptions, performances appraisals, and how to build pay ranges. The Progressive Rewards Scenario simulation also provided students a chance to learn actual job duties in order to avoid mistakes later in their career. The topic I found most informative was the performance appraisals. Knowing how, why, and when to give a performance appraisal is very important to the process. I thought this before we learned in class and I’m glad to know that I was right. At my last job my manager was not the best when it came…show more content…
If I ever have the duty for creating a job description for a company it is great to know how to begin the process. Another thing that I learned the most from was the organizational chart. I had to redo the chart a few times in order to get it accurate, but it was well worth it. I learned that some employees might feel down if they are not position correctly on the organizational chart. This could also lead to unwanted issues with employees. Another thing that we did during the Progressive Rewards Scenario was learning about the differences between the state labor laws and the Federal labor laws. I like the fact that I decided to locate Tesla Media in Florida. This gave me a chance to learn about Florida’s state laws and how they differ from Missouri’s state laws. This save me possible erroneous action in the real world because I cannot assume that all state laws are the same and knowing the difference will be very important. The most important this that I learned that could possible save me from some erroneous action during my human resource career would be learning how to write and understand attendance policies and how they can have an effect on the

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