Fate Of Cannabis Persuasive Speech

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Fate of Cannabis Prepare yourselves for a speech filled with facts and truths that lead to an ultimatum. But before I load the air with words of conviction I am going to sum it up for us right now. I am going to assert the truths before I even state them. We, as Americans have a right to be prideful about a great many things. We have built a nation founded on the rights of man and our right to defend ourselves and our rights. I love this nation. Yet I am ashamed of certain aspects. For every great statue there is a shadow. The shadow I am going to attempt to show light upon is one on the fate of Cannabis. A plant that when smoked or ingested produces side affects commonly called a high. A plant that when smoked or ingested can cure a plethora of disease and conditions such as…show more content…
Yet we throw hundreds thousands of people into jail for the plant that has killed no one. It costs billions of dollars to maintain America’s Prohibition on Weed and while cops are busting teenagers for a gram, almost half a million American’s die from tobacco alone. I just ask why. Why do we fear the plant? Let me show you all why to not fear. I’m not telling you to spend your entire life using marijuana but I’m asking you to improve America as a whole. Natural plants and remedies were always a source of medicine for thousands of years. Since the dawn of time in fact. Many drugs we take today come from plant extracts and chemicals produced by plants. Majority of most pain killers the world come from opioid plants. Yet thousands of diseases can’t be cured by plants. So why not cure the ones that can. Medical marijuana is used

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