Process Essay: How To Swing A Golf Club

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Austen Lehrke Mrs. Potter Oral Communication 7 October 2014 How to Swing a golf club Materials There are many different materials needed to be used to swing a golf club. I will be using basic equipment for this demonstration speech. But before that you will need to know how to stand and place your body. Golf club: The golf club is used for hitting the ball. There are many various golf clubs you can buy. There is a driver, irons, and a putter. They can cost anywhere from $60.00 and the minimum and the expensive clubs can cost up to $181,000. Golf Balls: The Golf ball is used to get hit. There are so many different types of golf balls in the world and can cost a lot of money for just a golf ball. The best golf ball right now is a Titleist…show more content…
Most people do wear them but you dont have to if your just golfing to have a good time without keeping score. Steps The proper stance: Stance is everything. You want to have your legs shoulder length apart. You should be able to put a golf ball in front of feet and it should be exactly a straight line across. Bend at the knees:Take your club and extend your arms out as if you were getting ready to hit the ball. Do not bend your back to allow the club head to lay flat on the ground you should bend at the knees to make this work. Your back should remain straight at all times. Back swing: The swing is a perfect circle from backswing to follow through and you keep this perfect circle by keeping your left arm straight at all times. If you are left handed then you would keep your right arm straight. You should also rotate your hips and knees. Down Swing: The club should follow the same path in the down swing that it followed in the back swing and you can make this happens by keeping your left arm straight or right arm straight if you are a lefty. Contact: If you keep your head down and eye on the ball then you should see the club make contact with the ball. If you make contact with the heel or toe of the club you will feel a sting go through your

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