Primetime Television: Why Tv Is Too White?

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Tv is Too White Have you ever wondered why television shows people of color? Many people in the television business claim that diversity is a priority but many people who watch primetime television today are aware it isn't. Instead of focusing on divergent ethnicities, television shows choose to present chiefly white people as the main character, the supporting cast member, and every other relevant role in the television series. Television show producers do not seem to understand that ethnic diversity is important to get more ethnically diverse people to obtain an interest in the television program. Television is not ethnically diverse enough; television show producers should focus more on ethnic diversity on screen and behind the scenes…show more content…
The article “Gender and Ethnic Diversity in Primetime Cable News,” states that on substantial television channels that have a bigger audience on a constant basis, showcase white men during primetime. In fact, 84% of the total men used in primetime television in CNN are white while the other 16% are the minorities. Big television networks during primetime showcase whites and do not offer minorities the chance at the limelight. Eighty-four percent is more than ¾ of the people used in a big television network and that 84% shows exactly how whites are used more for prime time television. According to the fall tv schedule on, diversity isn’t very common in the weekly primetime lineup, however on the television network, ABC, which shows such as Empire, Rosewood, and Grey’s Anatomy, which are television shows that are ethnically diverse. Jane the Virgin is a show on the CW that has a Latina in the protagonist role during prime time tv. Furthermore, according to Michael Bertin author of “Which Is The Whitest Network Of Them All?” television networks such as CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC have a 72% rate or higher of white people associating with primetime television. Producers of television shows should focus more on ethnic diversity rather than just focusing merely on white…show more content…
Writers have a huge influence on what the final televised product will be, according to Todd Cunningham, author of “TV Writing Remains a White Man’s World, WGA Study Finds,” he states that an ethnically diverse cast always has an ethnically diverse set of writers. There is a reasonable amount of shows that have minorities, however, why is the white person always have to be the main character and the supporting cast member a minority can it not be the other way around? In any television show where minorities have a role in they are more than likely irrelevant and embrace stereotypical views their race has. The ethnicity of writers will determine who gets cast. Television is not ethnically diverse enough. During primetime, Whites are showcased more often than any other race in the United States. Television showcases minorities to an extent but does not allow them to be in the limelight and if they were ever to be, they would be a Latino but can pass as a white person. In large tv networks such as Fox and CNN, more than 70% of the people showcased are white. In conclusion, television is too white since as white people being the race most utilized during prime

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