Little Bee By Chris Cleave Essay

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The hope and expectations of asylum seekers to have a better life is destroyed by the brutality of the detention center. Asylum seekers escape from their homeland alone, without family or friends, they all think detention center will take a good care of them. Inversely, the rules, regulations and facilities at detention center are horrific, like it’s a prison. Due to the asylum environment on top traumatic fate in their homeland, the mental health of asylum seekers got incontrovertible affected. Chris Cleave’s novel, Little Bee, is the story about Nigerian refugees who run away from her own country to England with hope that a better life awaits her there, but she is detained in detention center under awful conditions for two years and this…show more content…
From detention center, Little Bee learned to figure out the way to “kill herself” in every situation. This is an effect of post-traumatic disorders. Since Little Bee hometown in Nigeria was ruined by “the men”, which destroyed her house, family and friends without mercy. The memories of this event haunted her. As a consequences, in detention center, she is anxious and didn't make contact with any men because she thinks that the men will get her though she isn’t in the same country as the men would came and kill her. In particular, Little Bee secure herself by making herself look unattractive so the men won’t look at her with ravenous eyes. However, mental disorders aren’t easy to lessen because it has long-term impact on a person. Even a person already able to escape from their torment but the symptoms still continues to appear. Identically, the mental problems Little Bee is dealing with are continuing on into her life even she was outside of the detention center. Unauthorized refugees like Little Bee are lacks of social support; they cannot go to a mental hospital to get a treatment. This shown once the depression comes with them and it stays with

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