Prejudice And Hate Depicted In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Many aspects come to play when wondering if society creates a monster through prejudice and hate. Some people do not know how to handle such anger and hate so they go to extreme measures to take revenge on a whole community. For example, how the person was brought up through society makes a huge difference in who they become when they get older, and school shootings are a big result caused by revenge and hate in today’s world. When the creature is created, Victor does not even take into consideration what will happen when the creature comes to life. When the creature was finished Victor just fled the room not knowing what to expect and when he returned, the creature was gone. The creature learns the hard way, and teaches himself the ways of life and how to survive. Since Victor vanished and let the creature defend for himself, the creature feels hate towards Victor. After William…show more content…
All of the school shootings, and just shootings in general, have brought up a huge discussion in today’s society. One of the school shootings that really stuck out to me was the Marysville Pilchuck shooting that took place on Oct. 24, 2014. A 15 year boy was lashing out from hate to seek revenge on people that he was angry at. He opened fire in a cafeteria injuring five people, and later killed two and then himself. This example relates to Frankenstein because the 15 year old boy sought revenge by killing people who had betrayed him just like the creature does in the novel. The creature starts by killing Victor’s little brother, William, and best friend Henry, which then causes the creature to kill Victor’s wife. “He might remain in Switzerland, and wreck his vengeance on my relatives”(118). This quote demonstrates revenge taken on others is from all the prejudice and hate we have encountered throughout our

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