President Woodrow Wilson's Speech During World War I

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Section #1-Introduction (Thesis) On January 8th, 1918 the 28th president, Wilson became famous for his speech of fighting for peace during World War I. His speech consisted of ways to prevent another war in the future by discussing the main problems before taking them to war. Wilson realized that everyone was fed up with so many war’s they just wanted to be at peace once again. Wilson addressed his 14 point program for peace that would prevent another war like this from happening. Before the war ended, he wanted to establish “peace before victory.” He then created the “League of Nations” in order for nations to discuss their issues before taking it to war. He believed that the nations never spoke about their problems and that is what led to many wars and so much destruction. The League of Nations prevented them from starting a war and creating more damage, it helped them map out an alternative way to solving their problems and having peace amongst one another but, that didn’t last for long. Section #2-Background The global war, World War I began July 28th, 1914 and ended November 11th, 1918. World War I,…show more content…
He stated, his 14 points program for peace and it was exactly what nations were looking for. The people didn’t act out during the war because all they wanted was peace. After Wilson’s speech, the nation’s used his program to create peace within nations which did, because of the League of Nations but, the peace didn’t last for long. When the nations heard about Wilson’s speech many reacted with hatred because they wanted Victory but, many reacted with motivation to fight for peace and not victory. Many were astonished with the achievements brought to them while having Wilson as their leader but, they lacked power. They behaved with great determination to end the war with no victory, seeking peace but, it didn’t last for long due to their lack of

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