Adapting To The Greek's 'Orpheus In The Underworld'

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1. Orpheus in the Underworld, from Georgics (Anthology of Classical Myth) In this passage, Orpheus utilizes his musical talent to gain access to the Underworld in hopes of getting Eurydice back. Orpheus’s lyre is important since it can be viewed as a source of magical powers. The lyre is a symbol of harmony and when Orpheus played it, he was able to calm everyone around him. Orpheus was seen as a musical artist and when he played the lyre he gave off rhythm, beauty, and grace. With his powerful talent in music he was able to get into the Underworld to attempt to leave with Eurydice. The lyre was a way for Orpheus to express his sad emotions due to losing his true love, Eurydice. This passage incorporates a theme of music and how powerful it can be. Music allows Orpheus to express his emotions as well as change other’s moods around him, when he’s playing the lyre. Orpheus was to not look back and to trust that Eurydice was still…show more content…
Aphrodite is seen as a sex symbol that brings the sexes together, which relates to how she was born. She was born due to the rupture of heaven and earth so it makes sense for her to be the person to join two things together. Hesiod again shows us deception in women as Aphrodite is irresistible and causes people to engage in sexual acts while losing control of themselves. Hesiod later shows us how Pandora is also attractive and seen as good but really disguised as evil. Hesiod seems to show us that he views women as being able to look innocent but having evil intentions. After all, it is only Pandora and Aphrodite who are able to suppress the minds of the gods. In a sense, Aphrodite shapes Pandora, where Pandora actually takes on the acts to suppress gods by her beauty and Aphrodite is able to give off her sexual nature and beauty to Pandora. Pandora and Aphrodite can be seen as a link of developing sexual nature among the

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